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The Challenge: Re-engage donors who have not given by their usual anniversary date

When Rachel Brown joined University of Memphis as the Director of Annual Giving, she looked to elevate its stewardship outreach. Brown had a long background in fundraising, previously working as a caller for Ruffalo Cody, followed by stops at Georgia State University and the University of Houston. Brown first used ThankView at Houston and brought her knowledge of the platform with her to the birthplace of rock and roll!

Prior to ThankView, Memphis had used traditional means of communication for their stewardship outreach, such as direct mail, phone calls and emails. Brown was eager to introduce a more personalized form of outreach. Enter ThankView.

For her, ThankView stood out for two reasons: the ease of collecting videos and the branded envelope and landing page that ThankView created. “I wanted a good experience for the donors and I needed it to be branded well to represent the university,” Brown said. “The envelope animating open might sound like a really small thing, but people want to have a good experience and that can't just always be regular email or just direct mail.” ThankView allowed her to combine Memphis’s branding with an impactful and unique delivery method.

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ThankView Solution: Keep it Focused and Impactful

University of Memphis students share their gratitude and make a charming plea to lapsed donors donors.

Brown planned a targeted send for her first ThankView campaign at Memphis as opposed to a larger campaign, keeping ThankView a boutique experience. She looked at a problem that she could solve with ThankView: re-engaging donors who have given consecutively but have not given by their usual anniversary date. Instead of doing a direct appeal, she took the opportunity to say thanks for their continued support through the years and then asked them to consider re-investing in funds and scholarships at Memphis.

Memphis sent to 256 recipients for this campaign. The videos were a mix of personalized and generic content. Twenty-one personalized videos were created for donors who have donated for five or more consecutive years. Additionally, five videos were created based off funds that recipients gave to and one video went out to the remainder of donors. In the message portion of the ThankView, Brown used the merge fields to directly reference the fund donors previously supported.

“Brown received several warm responses from donors, including one donor who opted to double his usual of donation of $200 after receiving a ThankView.”

Their Results: $12,175 in New Revenue and 41% Re-engagement

The campaign had an incredible impact with 41% of recipients opening their ThankView email. This led to 91 donors giving in subsequent solicitations at an average donation of $144, ultimately leading to $13,170 in revenue for Memphis. Brown received several warm responses from donors, including one donor who opted to double his usual of donation of $200 after receiving a ThankView.

Brown plans on reserving ThankView for special outreach from Memphis. She is sure to take advantage of her favorite feature,: video requests. “It's by far my favorite feature because it just makes it easier when you're videotaping students. They are all over the place and they don't always remember to do what you asked them to do. With this feature, I can set up reminders and I don't have to chase them down,” she said. With awesome videos coming in from Memphis students, the impactful ThankViews are only just beginning.

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